By Miss Debs

Off Side

Kofi Danquah is a brilliant young footballer, from a family of cocoa bean farmers, based in Ghana. When he is offered a place at a Premiership Football club in the UK, his family sell their farm to pay for his transport. His determination to make enough money to pay back his family is put on hold when he finds his dream is not as expected.

Offside is a crime thriller which, chapter after chapter, keeps you turning pages as it follows the journey of Kofi in the UK as he runs into difficulty and fights for his survival. Recommended for all sports lovers and readers who like a mystery. I definitely plan to order more of the series for the school library.

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We picked the school because of how diverse it is. They strike the balance between keeping the education high with a student body that better reflects the city (Ugandan and expat alike). They manage to create the inclusive atmosphere that we promote at home.

KCIS Parent October 8, 2021

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