At KCIS we use the UK’s English National Curriculum (ENC), adapted to reflect the international nature of our school, the school community and our location in Uganda.

The English National Curriculum (ENC) is a very well-established and globally recognised curriculum with a strong student focus. It is broad and balanced allowing pupils to study the wide range of subjects that are needed to give young people a solid educational grounding whilst challenging them to ensure they fulfil every ounce of their potential as they develop into well-rounded citizens of the future.

The flexibility to be creative within this academic framework means the ENC is highly suited for international education as it can be adapted to the global setting of an international community. It’s mission is to not only deliver exceptionally high academic standards but also to ensure personal development is at the heart of education. The curriculum nurtures pupils morally, culturally, spiritually, socially and physically, providing them with the opportunity to become true 21st century global citizens. It promotes skills that employers are seeking, such as: leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, global awareness, digital literacy, breadth of thinking and creativity, especially in comparison to more linear curriculum and ways of learning. The ENC also creates a population with the knowledge and wider life skills that are so crucial for a successful life including both in further education and eventually in securing good quality employment.

As a curriculum, the ENC combines the best elements of the world’s most successful school systems, including Hong Kong, Massachusetts, Singapore and Finland, with some of the most impressive practice from schools in England. It is used by over 30,000 schools in over 150 countries throughout the world. Indeed, there are very few major cities housing international schools where this British curriculum model cannot be found, which is ideal for families who regularly relocate between assignments and therefore cities, easing the transition into new schools. Universities and employers across the world recognise the English National Curriculum and hold it in high regard.

What People Say About Us

We picked the school because of how diverse it is. They strike the balance between keeping the education high with a student body that better reflects the city (Ugandan and expat alike). They manage to create the inclusive atmosphere that we promote at home.

KCIS Parent October 8, 2021

Kampala Community International School