What a Year!

I do not believe there is anyone among us who can say this academic year has been easy. There have been a lot of twists and turns and constant adjustments, that have each time required us to step our game and come out stronger than before. We thank you for your support, resilience and flexibility throughout the year as we have adjusted to the COVID-19 situation, different Government requirements and a wide variety of opinions and wishes from parents. 

The amount of learning that has taken place during this uncertain year has been phenomenal. Each and every time we have asked the teachers to step up, they have been willing and ready to do so, and have achieved this with style, professionalism and enthusiasm, even when things have not been easy for them – the same worries and anxiety we feel about our own and our family’s health and uncertainties, the teachers go through too. They have truly been committed to the KCIS values and team spirit and this is shown in the smiles that leave school on the students’ faces each day. Not only have they had enormous pressure to maintain the academic standards we are accustomed to at KCIS, they have also needed to manage and support students metal health and well being throughout this year. 

We are also very proud of the resilience and determination of our learners from year 1 through to year 6. Every student has coped and struggled in different ways, but each and every one has come out a fighter, stronger and more confident than they started the year. These are lifeskills that the students will take with them for the rest of their lives. 

We are grateful to have so many parents working in partnership with us in the path of education: whether volunteering on the Parent Community Committee or as a classroom parent; listening to your child reading or working on their spellings daily; sending us messages or letters of support; volunteering to come into school and talk or read to students; and working alongside your child to ensure their online work is completed and submitted to the teacher. We could not make this journey alone and appreciate your commitment to making the learning journey for our children at KCIS what it is today. 

Today in assembly we said goodbye to our year 6s. It was wonderful to look through the photos of their time at KCIS and see just how much they have grown, matured and achieved.

Next year begins a new chapter for KCIS in our new campus. We will be working through lockdown to ensure the campus is ready for the beginning of the school year. We have finished putting the second toilet in each classroom; yesterday we began painting the classrooms, breakout rooms, library, ICT room, and music room; all the new furniture is already at the new campus and we are near to finalising the admin block. We are committed to remaining a single-stream school with a maximum of 18 students in each class and are looking forward to students enjoying the new learning environment when we return in August. 

From all of the KCIS team, have a safe and relaxing holiday, stay well and stay safe!

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What People Say About Us

We picked the school because of how diverse it is. They strike the balance between keeping the education high with a student body that better reflects the city (Ugandan and expat alike). They manage to create the inclusive atmosphere that we promote at home.

KCIS Parent October 8, 2021

Kampala Community International School